Bold Smart Lock Clicker White

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No smartphone? No problem. There’s an easy alternative to safely open and lock the door. The Bold Clicker allows you to activate your Bold Smart Lock by the click of a button and a twist to turn. Be Bold. For the benefit of all: it’s especially suitable for elderly, children and very useful for your business.

€ 49,99
met gratis verzending!

Bold Smart Lock Clicker White

The Bold Clicker is a compact and discreet device that easily attaches to your keychain. With the ability to connect up to 50 smart locks to a single Clicker, it offers convenience for both personal and business use.

Control your Smart Lock without a Smartphone: It is Possible!

You can use the Clicker independently without the app. However, by installing the Clicker with the Bold app, you can easily share it with individuals who don't have a smartphone. This feature makes the Clicker particularly suitable for elderly users, children, and businesses. To activate your Bold Smart Lock using the Clicker, ensure that you are within Bluetooth range, typically within 2 to 3 meters. This proximity ensures a secure connection between the Clicker and your Smart Lock. In the event that you misplace your Bold Clicker, you can take control by accessing your personal account on the Bold app. From there, you can conveniently block the Clicker, providing added security and peace of mind. With the Bold Clicker, you're in control anytime, anywhere.

How to install your Bold Clicker, Easy and clear

Ready to take your keyless life to the next level? Let's start.

  • Step 1: Put on your favorite song; We suggest: Daddy cool - Boney M.
  • Step 2: Open the Bold app (make sure you have the latest version of the app) and go to 'Install device'
  • Step 3: Hold down the button on the Bold Clicker for 5 seconds. You will see a light.
  • Step 4: Press the button in the Bold app and on the Bold Clicker at the same time to pair.
  • Step 5: Give your Bold Clicker a name.
  • Step 6: Select which Bold Smart Cylinders you want to connect to the Bold Clicker.
  • Step 7: Super, everything is set
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